Alma de Valdeguerra Semidulce

Alma de Valdeguerra Semidulce White wine

11,76 €     per unit
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Year: 2023
Winery: Vinos y Aceites Laguna
Alcohol: 10 %
Variety: Malvar
Quantity: 75 cl

The excellent quality of the grapes and an adequate monitoring of the production are essential to obtain one of our most iconic wines. The must undergoes alcoholic fermentation under a temperature control that helps us preserve the varietal aromas. Before it finishes, we make a natural stop of fermentation, which allows us to conserve a certain amount of residual sugar from the grapes, in addition to the carbonic generated by the yeasts themselves during the process. It is a pale yellow wine, with slight greenish reflections characteristic of the Malvar variety. It is also fresh and fruity; reminiscent of bananas and ripe apples, and even honey. In the mouth it has an elegant sweetness, well balanced with the freshness that gives it a good acidity and residual carbonic. Alma de Valdeguerra Semidulce is a versatile wine, capable of adapting to virtually any situation. It is ideal both as an aperitif and for dessert accompanied by pastas. It is also perfect with raw seafood and fish, cooked and in sauce, fish and seafood mousse, smoked, soups and fresh cheeses.

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