Venerable PX Vors 50 CL.

Venerable PX Vors 50 CL.

101,86 €     per unit

Winery: Bodegas Osborne
Alcohol: 17 %
Variety: Pedro ximenez
Quantity: 50 cl

The grapes are left asoleum before pressing them to release small amounts of ultra-sweet juice. Aged in the traditional system of farms and soleras for several generations. Over time, evaporation made the wine more complex and concentrated, with up to 45% of its weight in residual sugar. The entire boot collection is divided into 3 cleries. • Visual phase: Beautiful and penetrating very dark mahogany color, trimmed with iodine tones that notes its high density. • Olfactory phase: An extraordinary aromatic capacity, with deep and sweet aromas of raisins and roasted, with a complex background of aging that give way to a toasted flavor and a pleasant sweetness. • Taste phase: It is wide, soft and the finish is long and persistent, with elegant bitter tones in the after-taste. We recommend taking Venerable, as the perfect culmination of a special meal, with desserts or with a good blue cheese as the maximum example of harmony to be able to perfect pairing a cheese with wine.

Awards or Recognitions:
97 points Peñín.

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