Ramón Bilbao (Magnum) Red wine

 Ramón Bilbao  (Magnum)

Classification: Crianza
Year: 2015
Winery: Bodegas Ramón Bilbao
Alcohol: 13,5 %
Variety: Tempranillo
Quantity: 1,5 liters

A classic renovated, aged in American oak barrels. Versatile, fruity and balanced. Irreplaceable in our table.

Red cherry, intense aromas of black fruits ripe with balsamic touches that leaves a memory of coconut and licorice. In mouth is fresh and friendly with an appreciable texture in step where reappear very well-assembled, smoky nuances with ripe fruit. Long finish and envelope.

Sausages, pork or lamb.

Price: 18,35 £ per unit


Ramón Bilbao: More products

Ramón Bilbao Original
Red wine Reserva 2012 Red wine Ramón Bilbao  Original
75 cl
Price: 21,00 £

Ramón Bilbao
Red wine Gran Reserva 2009 Red wine Ramón Bilbao
75 cl
Price: 25,19 £

Ramón Bilbao Verdejo
White wine 2017 White wine Ramón Bilbao Verdejo
75 cl
Price: 8,22 £

Ramón Bilbao Plus Ultra
Red wine Reserva 2010 Red wine Ramón Bilbao Plus Ultra
75 cl
Price: 18,19 £
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