Pedro Ximénez Old & Plus

 Pedro Ximénez Old & Plus

Winery: Sánchez Romate Hnos.
Alcohol: 16 %
Variety: Pedro ximenez
Quantity: 50 cl

The variety pedro Ximénez grapes are harvested ripe and sunbathing to achieve a higher concentration of sugar left.

For more than 35 years this wine has been matured and aged in oak casks following the traditional system of Jerez. A dense, dark colour, an intense aroma of raisins and the sweet and velvety taste define their extraordinarily soft and complex profiles.

View: very dark and dense. Aroma: Soft, smell of raisins. Taste: Very sweet, velvety.

Wine for dessert, ice cream, pasta and blue cheese.

Price: 53,30 £ per unit


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