Marieta White wine


Year: 2016
Winery: Bodegas Martín Códax
Alcohol: 12,5 %
Variety: Albariño
Quantity: 75 cl

Alcoholic fermentation at 16 - 18 ° C in stainless steel tanks. It is interrupted before completion by the use of cold, so Marieta contains 14 Gr. L. residual sugar.

APPEARANCE: yellow colour with lemon highlights.

NOSE: high intensity, notes of white-fleshed type pear, Apple, peladillo and melon fruit. It features a background of Orange citrus.

PALATE: light bubble, sweet and intense step tip. It has a very fruity and citrus aftertaste.

Seafood, fish, fresh cheese.

Price: 10,53 £ per unit


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