Bosque de Matasnos

Bosque de Matasnos Red wine

36,12 €     per unit

Year: 2017
Winery: Bodegas Bosque de Matasnos
Alcohol: 15 %
Variety: TEMPRANILLO, Merlot
Quantity: 75 cl

Cold of the wort with the skins maceration. Malolactic fermentation in new barrels. 12 months only in barrels of 90% of French oak (extra fine grain) and 10% oak American premium (both with 36 months of drying). The vineyard of Bosque de Matasnos (BMA) is located at 950 m altitude, which supposed to be almost to the maximum survival of the vines in Spain. This added to a production below 50% of the maximum accepted by the denomination of origin Ribera del Duero by Ha, a careful selection in field and then selecting more tape use only premium quality barrels each harvest, guaranteed have before one of the best value wines of Spain.

Red of great intensity and iridescence color cherry, very bright, very alive and very covered. A deep layer can be seen by its long maceration with the skins. The nose is franco and pleasant with a marked scent of red fruit ripens with light hints of fruit compote, well accompanied by wood of high quality which leads to very subtle spices with light touches of vanilla and sweet notes. There is a great aromatic intensity. Entry on the palate sweet, warm and round. You see a wine with a very marked character by ripe fruit with hints of black fruits. The tannins in the wood can be seen in a sweet way, spiced aftertaste of dried fruit (hazelnuts). Glyceric and very well structured, long time remaining in the mouth.

Red roasted or stewed meat. Lamb Baked and well spiced chicken. Some fish stewed, especially the very spicy. Cheese, sausages and foi gras

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