12 Lunas Rosado

12 Lunas Rosado Rose wine

19,19 €     per unit

Year: 2016
Winery: El Grillo y la Luna
Alcohol: 14 %
Variety: Syrah
Quantity: 75 cl

Our rosé is made from the bleed of Syrah grape musts, which is extracted from the crushed grape deposit, after 24 hours of being in contact with the skins. Subsequently they are clarified by gravity for two days and gradually incorporated into the continuous fermentation that takes place at 15ºC over a month. Once the fermentation is finished, a racking is done to separate the thick lees and to be able to carry out an aging on fine lees in a stainless steel tank. The lees movement is manual, with the aim of conserving the natural CO2 originated in the fermentation, which brings freshness to the wine. Two weeks before bottling, this stirring is stopped so that the wine clarifies statically and can be bottled.

The nose is fresh with aromas of red fruits and cherry brush strokes, with a pleasant touch of candy. The palate is intense, long and fruity. Its natural needle gives it freshness and length. It is a round wine.

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