Ximénez Spínola Fermentación Lenta

Ximénez Spínola Fermentación Lenta

43,06 €     per unit

Year: 2020
Winery: Bodegas Ximénez-Spínola
Alcohol: 14 %
Variety: Pedro ximenez
Quantity: 75 cl

White wine 100% from Pedro Ximénez grape, which is overripe in vine for 21 days additional to the conventional harvest. It is collected by hand and transported in boxes of 15 kg. to avoid deterioration in the fruit, already evolved and less compact than fresh grapes, but full of aromatic and sensitive concentrations.

During the first years of evolution in the bottle, in the visual phase it is clean and intense gold with greenish iridescences and glyceric notes when putting the cup in rotation. Over the years it is important to observe how the shade of gold intensifies, always being clean.

On the nose it is marked by the French Oak that is attenuated with notes of raisins and dried plums. It lacks oxidation. There is no stridency, but harmony of all the elements. The natural aromatic characteristics are markedly their own.

In the mouth, the non-existent alcoholic sensation is surprising despite its 14%. It is broad and attacks all organoleptic perceivers since from the tip of acidity, to the aftertaste of wood and ripe fruit, they are persistent and full of fullness.

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