Vinea Museum

Vinea Museum Red wine

15,32 €     per unit

Classification: Crianza
Year: 2016
Winery: Bodegas Museum
Alcohol: 14 %
Quantity: 75 cl

Very alive to the eye with a red cereza-rubi, underlined by some purple tones, good coat, clean and bright. The features of roasting, excellent combination of ripe fruit and Compote with mineral nuances and smoky hints are imposed with some authority. Complex, subtle and enveloping. In the encounter with the mouth offered sweet, velvety. At the same time full and fresh with noble tannins very well embedded in the Assembly. It crosses the palate with firmness and closes its tour with a finish that confirms the elegance that nose announced. The memory left a rich range of aromas in which smoke is combined with fruit in liquor and spices.

Perfect to accompany red meats, stews and lamb

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