Taanug Blanco White wine

 Taanug Blanco

Year: 2016
Winery: Bodegas Pinord
Alcohol: 11 %
Variety: Parellada, Macabeo
Quantity: 75 cl

Once it enters the grape, let it macerate for 24 hours in the cold to get extract the maximum aromas. Then it ferments at low temperature for 21 days to try to conserve the aromas of the grape to the maximum.

Pale green, shiny and very attractive. Of great aromatic complexity: citrus fruits such as Green Apple, floral aromas of white fruit. In the mouth it has a very nice entry, it brings freshness and aromas of citrus and white fruit that we noticed in the nose. It has a good complexity on the palate, well balanced and with a pos like long.

Rice fish, mixed rice, crustaceans, molluscs from shell, Pasta with pesto sauce, Pasta with tomato sauce, Pasta with creamy sauces, Pasta with mariniere sauces, white fish, fish with sauce, Pizza

Price: 10,45 £ per unit


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