Freixenet Ice Rosé

Freixenet Ice Rosé Cava

16,75 €     per unit
Brand: Freixenet

Winery: Freixenet
Alcohol: 11,5 %
Variety: Trepat, Monastrell, Garnacha, Pinot Noir.
Quantity: 75 cl

The great success of Freixenet ICE is now joined by the immense popularity of Rosé. The new Freixenet ICE Rosé has been specially developed to be enjoyed in a ball cup with large ice cubes.

To make Freixenet ICE Rosé we have selected two of the noblest red varieties, Grenache and Pinot Noir. Grenache provides a spicy touch and ripe red fruit while Pinot Noir enhances freshness and acidity and increases its flavor of berries. The touch of Chardonnay achieves a more intense wine and balances the effect of the ice.

Intense aroma of berries, raspberries, sloes and strawberries.

In the mouth this fruity character dominates but there are also aniseed and spicy notes.

It has a fresh, elegant and sweet ending.

Serve in a ball glass with large ice cubes, try even combining it with your favorite flavors to enhance its intensity.

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