Espectacle Red wine

175,27 €     per unit

Year: 2018
Winery: Spectacle Vins
Alcohol: 16 %
Variety: Garnacha
Quantity: 75 cl

Preparation: Selective harvesting is carried out in boxes at the optimum moment of phenolic maturity and stored in a cold room at 4oC for 24 hours. Passing the grapes through the selection table to process only those bunches that meet the best conditions. After destemming the grapes are selected grain by grain on a table of vibrating choice, which allows to eliminate those berries that are not suitable (raisins, somewhat green grapes,...). After light crushing, the vintage paste is slightly sulphiteed and pumped into a new French oak vat (quercus pétrea) of very fine grain. Numerous pump-overs and bazookas are made in order to obtain the ideal extraction of color and tannins. Maceration of 4 or 5 weeks depending on the actual maturity conditions of each harvest. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation in barrels. • Aging French oak vat (quercus pétrea) of 40 hl of very fine grain for 14-16 months. His color, bright and diaphanous, reflects the purple-red hues typical of his present-day youth. Its aroma maintains the notes that characterize, year after year, this unique wine. As soon as we serve the glass, it seduces us with subtle aromas of ripe black fruits. Gradually, our patience is rewarded and the wine opens up to show all the wealth it encloses. The rose, the orange blossom, even the

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