Abadia de San Campio

Abadia de San Campio White wine

16,86 €     per unit

Year: 2020
Winery: Bodegas Terras Gaudas
Alcohol: 12,5 %
Variety: Albariño
Quantity: 75 cl

VITICULTURE: The source of this wine is the Albariño from our vineyards of higher altitude, with lower humidity, fresher and a greater temperature difference between day and night, which favors a slower maturation, offering us a very fresh Albariño, with great aromatic intensity, with greater acidity and softness in the mouth. The harvest is manual, the grapes are transported to the winery in boxes weighing no more than 18 kg, thus preventing the grapes from breaking prematurely. VINIFICATION: After a cold pre-fermentation maceration, the alcoholic fermentation is conducted with our native yeast, isolated from our own vineyard. After this, the wine rests for as long as necessary, stabilizes and finally is bottled. In the aromatic plane, the 2018 vintage is characterized by its intense and fresh aromas of tropical fruit, highlighting in the foreground ripe pineapple and banana, along with delicate aromas of white fruits such as pear and apple. These aromas are enhanced thanks to the cold pre-fermentation maceration. In the mouth it is fresh, powerful and balanced. The acidity of an excellent albariño, fresh and vibrant, is tucked in a great taste amplitude. It is a cheerful vrno, very lively, friendly and velvety, typical of a vintage characterized by its good maturation. In short, a balanced and appetizing wine. Wide aftertaste of white and tropical fruit, with a powerful and very long finish. Wonderful combination with seafood: oysters, clams and crab. Enjoy it with Asian cuisine as well.

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