Prólogo Extra virgin olive oil


Packaging: Bottle glass
Region: Andalusia
Variety: Picual
Quantity: 50 cl

Oil produced in the first weeks of October with aromas of grass freshly cut, Peel banana and green almond.

Price: 11,22 £ per unit


Extra-virgin olive oil

Olive oil Andalusia Olive oil Tuccioliva
50 cl
Price: 8,27 £

Pago Piedrabuena
Extra virgin olive oil Castilla-La Mancha Organic olive oil Extra virgin olive oil Pago Piedrabuena
50 cl
Price: 9,65 £

Olive oil Castilla and León Olive oil Arribera
50 cl
Price: 5,93 £

MARIA DE LA O - Selección Gourmet
Olive oil Castilla-La Mancha Olive oil MARIA DE LA O - Selección Gourmet
50 cl
Price: 6,84 £