Can Companyó Olive oil

 Can Companyó

Packaging: Can
Region: Catalonia
Variety: Arbequina
Quantity: 2,5 liters

Minimum order: 4 Units

Oil Virgin Extra Can Companyo is a natural product, real juice of the arbequina variety olives grown on our farm Can Companyo Girona (Catalonia), Spain. Harvest is own and cold-pressed.

Olive is harvested at the optimal time of ripening mechanically, to avoid that the olives are in contact with the ground and be able to extract the oil as quickly. This process gives our precious oil CAN COMPANYO. It is harmonious, soft, light, aromatic and fruity.

-Formed box by

quantity: 4 PCs.

Type container: 2.5 l.

Material container: Tin.

Color container: opaque.

Shape: Rectangular.

Cap: drip.

-Type oil

variety: 100% Arbequina.

Classification: Extra Virgin olive oil.

-Sensory analysis

Color: Green

scent: fresh fruit. Fragrance with notes of almonds, tomatoes and fresh vegetables.

Flavor: spicy, sour soft light and intense sweetness.

-Chemical analysis

acidity: < 0.3.

Peroxides: < 20 meq O2 \/ kg

K232: < 2.5.

K270: < 0.2.

Delta-K: < 0,1.


collection: from the end of October until the end of November

collection system: mechanical and Manual.

Grinders: the day of collection.

Grinding system: first cold extraction.

Price: 25,41 £ per unit

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Can Companyó
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