Cortijo La Torre, Premium Olive oil

 Cortijo La Torre, Premium

Packaging: PET (plastic)
Region: Andalusia
Variety: Picual
Quantity: 2 liters

Lush, fragrant aromas, extremely arable, in particular smells like wheat grass, also fruity and bitter, very much in line with the characteristics of the variety, which can be seen in splendid way. The first sensation in the mouth is up to amazing and extraordinary kindness, somewhat sweet, to then show a blatant bitterness that is exposed continuously, stressing the bitterness, with crisp hints of dried fruit, to finish with a dimmed itch, which puts the SAPID wealth fairly substantial.

Price: 25,07 £ per unit

Buying 6 units or more:
26,89 £ per unit

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Cortijo la torre, Premium
Olive oil Andalusia Olive oil Cortijo la torre, Premium
50 cl
Price: 14,48 £
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