Clemen, 75 años

 Clemen, 75 años

Packaging: Bottle glass
Region: Extremadura
Variety: Chamomile
Quantity: 25 cl

Excellent Extra Virgin olive oil, with a fruity intense green, with vegetable and herbal aromas.

Its persistence is intense and your balance is very good.

Emphasizes their freshness and harmony

do not use talcum powder. We do not heat in a blender

Awards or Recognitions:
CINVE Plata 2018

EVCata 2º Mejor aceite de Extremadura
Price: 5,97 £ per unit


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Extremadura  Clemen, 1
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Clemen, Pack Hostelería
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Clemen, Selección Limón
Extremadura  Clemen, Selección Limón
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Clemen, Hostelería 500
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