Alfar La Maja

 Alfar La Maja

Packaging: PET (plastic)
Region: Navarra
Variety: Arbequina
Quantity: 2 liters

Minimum order: 6 Units

A yellowish green oil, dense and full bodied. With a clean aroma, which surprises with its liveliness and reminiscent of green and fresh fruits. Notes of tomato and tomato, herb, artichoke, apple, and to a lesser extent banana and wild fruits are appreciated. # -

- # Its flavor is almond-bitter, slightly spicy, resulting sweet and fluid at the end.

Awards or Recognitions:
Fercam 2019 1º Frutado maduro

Terraolivo 2019

Expoliva 2019

Olive Japan 2019

Sol D´Oro 2019

Flos Olei 2019 95 puntos

EV Cata 2017

Flos Olei 2018 95 puntos

Der Feinschmecker 2016
Price: 10,91 £ per unit


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Alfar La Maja
Navarra  Alfar La Maja
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Alfar La Maja
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Price: 27,34 £

Alfar La Maja
Navarra  Alfar La Maja
1 liters
Price: 6,67 £
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