Ibéricos Collado Iberian ham

 Ibéricos Collado

Part: Ham (rear)
Region: Extremadura
Time maturity (months): 36
Pig feed: Acorn
Weight: 1 kilogram

Pure Bellota Iberian Ham (100% iberian) from iberian pure pigs, Entrepelado variety. The pigs are raised in Cornalvo Natural Park, in Extremadura. They are feed with acorn.

Maturation: 36 months minimum.

The product is shipped vacuum-packed sliced in 100 gr envelopes.

Price: 154,80 £ per unit


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Ibéricos Collado
Iberian-ham shoulder Iberian-ham shoulder Ibéricos Collado
5 kilogram
Price: 168,87 £

Ibéricos Collado
Iberian ham Iberian ham Ibéricos Collado
7,5 kilogram
Price: 485,51 £
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