Iberian shoulder-ham Domingo Garcia Martin

Iberian shoulder-ham Guijuelo | Whole piece

Ham Domingo Garcia Martin

Part: Palette
Region: Salamanca
designation of origin: Guijuelo
Time maturity (months): 30
Pig feed: Acorn
Weight: 5,5 kilogram

D.O. Guijuelo

come from Iberian pigs campeados, fattened on acorns from the meadows of Andalusia and Extremadura during the montanera.

Exceptional quality.


teachers ham provide with their acquired knowledge of generation in generation good make of our hams and shoulders, being slow and laborious healing as needed so tasty product. Discipline, time and patience is our best secret.

Approximate weight: 5.3 - 5.7 kg
Price: 175,95 £ per unit


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