Vino de Misa De Muller Dulce Superior

Vino de Misa De Muller Dulce Superior

18,77 €     per unit

Winery: De Muller
Alcohol: 15 %
Variety: Maccabee
Quantity: 75 cl

Wine made with the two most popular white varieties in the area, Macabeo and Garnacha Blanca. It is an area with a dry and sunny climate, where the vines tend to concentrate a high content in sugars, obtaining some musts suitable for the production of our mass wines. Fascinating gold-old colour with shades of amber that gives us the quality of this magnificent wine. Elegant and spiritual aroma that exhibits sensual notes of ripe fruits and candied fruits with certain reminiscences to toffee, and above all on raisins. Delicate aniseed notes on a fruity, orange base, which evolve into gently smoky ones that acquires them in their aging in very old oak. Very sweet attack, with a palate, full, dense and generous with original touches of dates, pine nuts and hazelnuts highlighting warmer ones to honey, flowers and spices. Wine for liturgical purposes that can also be taken to accompany all kinds of pastries, nuts and tea pastes.


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