Pittacum Aurea

Pittacum Aurea Red wine

40,83 €     per unit
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Year: 2012
Winery: Viñedos y Bodegas Pittacum
Alcohol: 14,5 %
Variety: Mencia
Quantity: 75 cl

The most intense and complex expression of a Menda wine can only be obtained through an old vineyard, well oriented, with controlled insolation and a generous water regime. The secret of the natural. Healthy grapes harvested at the optimum time enhance the virtues of wine. It is also essential to do well, care and care in the winery to express and protect the aromas that Mencía offers us.

Rich in color. Elegant, red fruits, cherry and currant, pure fragrance of Menda. Later the mineral part, earth and stone appear. Armed in the mouth, balanced and fresh ends with a long finish. A frank, thorough and deep wine.

Roasts of lamb and kid, stews of ox and game cooked in the wine itself, grilled meats, are examples of preparations, among many others, ideal to be accompanied with Pittacum Aurea . Why not, also fish in its sauce. Try to avoid very accentuated spicy.

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