Muga Magnum en caja de madera Red wine

 Muga  Magnum en caja de madera

Classification: Reserva
Year: 2011
Winery: Bodegas Muga
Alcohol: 14 %
Variety: TEMPRANILLO, Grenache
Quantity: 1,5 liters

Fermentation with indigenous yeast in oak vats. Aged over 26 months in casks made with selected in our cooperage oak. Prior to bottling is a clarification with fresh egg. Once in bottle will undergo a process of fine-tuning for twelve months in our cellar, as a minimum.

We found a high, uniform coat with purple iridescence in the meniscus of the Cup.

Nose are aromas that incite you think of wild red frutillos, still not collected but already mature, growing notes smells of field and mineral sensations.

Sensations in the mouth pose an augmented continued, with greater evidence of grape tempranillo that becomes the perfect pair of dance of the Garnacha variety. Almost chewy fruit, sweet and silky tannin, nice acidity and good presence of mineral notes.

White meats, roast pork, roast lamb, stew, roasts, feather hunting hair hunt

Price: 67,94 £ per unit


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