Manzanilla Pasada en Rama Pastora 375 ML.

Manzanilla Pasada en Rama Pastora 375 ML.

21,14 €     per unit

Winery: Bodegas Barbadillo
Alcohol: 15 %
Variety: Palomino
Quantity: 37,5 cl

Give winemaking with a plot as Barbadillo, has its thing. In addition to boys, sliding doors or large buildings, Texas, any old uralita, stone floors of rate and even streets with its own name, is memory. That memory takes you to ask yourself what happened to Pastor. What happened to Pastor. Chamomile missed it. The old drinker, almost the oldest, also. Suddenly returns to feel your wine while Pepe Pinto with the girl Lola. Not everything was going to be modern jazz in the Marco de Jerez. Pastora is a long ageing manzanilla. It has its roots in the screeds of soloing, where happens to occupy a very concrete space in the winery La Pastora, with clear orientation to the River, just over the embankment that divided the high neighborhoods and under sanluqueño. It is a winery quite conducive for breeding. Pastora, by age, is a past Chamomile. Round nine. However, the breeding conditions of the cellar that keeps it offer a biological wine yet, far from the austere character that hinted at in you in branch out seasonal Chamomile which gives us the old winemaker of the colt. Fifty meters of distance between two buildings that are conducive to the emergence of two completely different manzanillas.

View: intense Golden Color. : Nose marked to yeast. Taste: In the mouth has a soft entry with hints of nuts and camomile.

Awards or Recognitions:
93 points Parker.

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