Bermejo Naturalmente Dulce 50 CL.

Bermejo Naturalmente Dulce 50 CL. Organic wine

37,75 €     per unit

Winery: Bodegas Los Bermejos
Alcohol: 14 %
Organic: Organic wine
Quantity: 50 cl

It is made from grapes that overripe in the plant and reach a concentration of sugar such that yeasts cannot deplete it during fermentation, leaving sweet wines naturally. Enjoy an aging similar to the solera that gives it an even more complex character. The large number of hours of sunshine and the lack of late rains allow this process to be developed, which gives wines enormous complexity and originality.

Subtle aromas of good aging, in the mouth it is a haven of ripe fruit (papaya, custard apple, compote), of excellent balance, personality, very floral and elegant.

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