Oro Bailen, Reserva familiar, Arbequina Extra virgin olive oil

 Oro Bailen, Reserva familiar, Arbequina

Packaging: Can
Region: Andalusia
Variety: Arbequina
Quantity: 2,5 liters

Oil extra virgin olive, arbequina variety, exceptional delicacy of the aromas of this variety with the force and the character of the lands of the South. A fruity middle of fresh olives, with green aromas of herbs and green wheat interspersed between the fruity notes characteristic of the arbequina; It stands out almond, Apple and ripe banana.

Your mouth is progressive, with a soft and delicate, input a further sour very light and somewhat more notable the presence of the spicy. It is harmonious and the nutty aftertaste.

Use we recommend to reserve family is essentially raw, whether its application in cold, warm or hot, for example food: salads, bread and oil, Carpaccio, vegetable, fish or cooked dogs steam, iron or oven, but that if, always with later, to make the oil in contact with hot food out all its phenolic compounds (aroma cause) , and allow us to enjoy the oil as one food in the dish Setup.

To understand a little effort used to obtain a liter of Oro Bailen reserve family are needed between 8 and 10 kg. olive, in percentage terms; with yields of between 10% and 12% in oil, depending on the harvest each year.

Price: 38,88 £ per unit

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