Maxorata Cheese

32,55 €     per unit

Type of milk.: Goat
Region: Canary Islands
Maturation: Semi-cured
Weight: 1,1 kilogram

Minimum order: 2 Units

Majorero PDO cheese covered with paprika from Fuerteventura, emblem of the Canary Islands. Made with milk from the native Majorera goat.

Awards or Recognitions:
Medalla SuperGold en World Cheese Awards 2018, Mejor Español, Mejor Islas Canarias

Best of Class en World Championship Cheese Contest 2018

Medalla de Oro 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013 World Cheese Awards

Medalla de Plata 2015 World Cheese Awards

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Cheese Maxorata
Cheese Goat Canary Islands - 3,7 kilogram
102,30 €