Latxa Esnea

Latxa Esnea Idiazábal cheese

34,10 €     per unit

Type of milk.: Sheep
Maturation: Old
Weight: 1 kilogram

Type of cheese: Denomination of Origin Idiazabal.

Ingredients: Raw lamb's milk latxa, rennet, salt and yeast.

Breed latxa: takes advantage of all the pastures that would otherwise become weeds, is the activity most closely linked to the environment, integrating the cycles of milk production to the rhythms of nature, controls the shrub proliferation and therefore performs prevention Of fires.

Awards or Recognitions:
The milk of sheep pasture combats cholesterol and cardiovascular ailments

an investigation carried out by the Faculty of pharmacy of the University of the Basque country has shown that sheep's milk helps fight cardiovascular disease and cholesterol whenever they eat based on grazing.

Has determined that these sheep cheese and milk have a nutritional quality healthier than animals fed only with feed from.

Dairy products that come from sheep that are grazing have greater amount of some fatty acids with positive physiological effects on the human organism. These include unsaturated fatty acids, which tend to decrease triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein responsible for what we call \"bad cholesterol\".

This milk has another positive effect, as the decrease of saturated fatty acids that are is contributing to the development of cardiovascular disease.

The study has also shown that this milk contains a larger number of compounds, which come from the fresh herb and which are highly antioxidant, such as tocopherols (vitamin E), retinoids (vitamin A precursor) and some Terpenoids.

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