Terra de Cuques Blanc

Terra de Cuques Blanc White wine

44,26 €     per unit

Year: 2017
Winery: Terroir Al Limit
Alcohol: 13,5 %
Variety: Moscatel, Pedro Ximénez
Quantity: 75 cl

The Pedro Ximénez (PX) is pressed in our old vertical basket press; We crush the grapes by walking gently over them for an hour in the press, slowly filling them with the unstemmed grapes. Then we press them directly. Throughout the process we have a combination of extraction, oxidation and maceration that gives our whites their very specific expression. # -

- # Muscat is made in exactly the same way as reds. The technique is ancient and was traditionally used in Burgundy. We use the whole grape without destemming, including the stem, and we gently empty the small 10 kg boxes into our vats, avoiding the accumulation of air and using some CO2. When the tub is full we just cover it and wait for the natural fermentation, using only wild yeasts. The grapes must remain at a temperature around 20º, not too cold to start a fast and dynamic fermentation and not too hot to avoid that the temperature rises above 28º during fermentation. Once fermentation has started there is no mechanical interaction such as pigeage or pumping over, we simply let the grapes ferment gently and slowly. Once the fermentation is finished, we press the grapes, removing all the sugar from the whole grape and then dry fermentation in a second fermentation without skins. The result is a very fine, complex and fluid expression of all the different


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